ICT & Support


In terms of IT, we like to help our clients with their issues and we can offer a wide variety of IT solutions.

You can order tyres 24/7 in our efficient webshop. The webshop has a real-time link to our stock and prices, so you will always receive the correct information. We are constantly working to improve the webshop, which means that we can be expected to present the information correctly, quickly and in a user-friendly manner. You can track & trace orders through the webshop, personalise the layout of the webshop and access a lot of information about our products.

More possibilities in our webshop

The search options are very extensive. In addition to this, we have a client portal to provide our clients with information at any time. The client portal provides an overall picture of all pending and completed orders and complete financial information of the client in question, including the invoices, which can be downloaded as PDFs. In short, we provide all the information you may require in digital form.

At a local level we also want to help with the sales of tyres. We have every conceivable IT solution when it comes to electronic data interchange (EDI). No more paper streams, but every digital option you can think of, including stock information, packing notes, track & trace information and digital invoicing. Furthermore, we like to speak with our clients about developing a local tyre webshop, for sales towards your own clients. In this case, we also have a ready-made solution available for you.

In short, our IT solutions give our clients:

  • Improved and user-friendly ordering options;
  • Fast and accurate provision of information;
  • Improved local sales options;
  • Cost savings.

Ask your question directly to our e-Business department!


Order online, easy and fast

Order the tyres you are looking for online! Our webshop is available 24/7 and it is real-time linked to our local stock and prices. This means you will always have the right information. Interested in a log-in for our webshop? Send your request today! Did you download the RBI app before 1st of July 2021? Then you still have the old version. As of 1 July 2021, you can download the updated app. Please click on the buttons below.

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