As of today you can reach us via one national phonenumber!

Our highest priority is to serve our customers optimally. In addition to a balanced range in exclusive brands, budget brands, quality brands and A-brands, we offer tailor-made service.

It is only by continuously innovating that our business relations benefit optimally from the highest level of service. Examples of our innovative developments are the order option via our modern e-commerce system with extensive customer portal and the order APP, available 24/7 via smartphone, tablet or computer.

In order to increase our telephone accessibility, we will introduce one new national telephone number 088 – 225 40 18 on 19 October 2020, to which all sales departments of the four branches will be connected.

This will eliminate all local telephone numbers, but your fixed contact person in the field will remain the same. We expect that this will make contact with the sales departments even quicker and help our customers even more accurately.


Order online, easy and fast

Order the tyres you are looking for online! Our webshop is available 24/7 and it is real-time linked to our local stock and prices. This means you will always have the right information. Interested in a log-in for our webshop? Send your request today! Did you download the RBI app before 1st of July 2021? Then you still have the old version. As of 1 July 2021, you can download the updated app. Please click on the buttons below.

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