Tyre Brands

We have a large number of tyre brands in its range. These brands can be divided into different categories. Below we have described these categories.

Exclusive tyre brands

We have a number of tyre brands that we sell exclusively. These brands have been part of our range for years. You can click on the logo for more information.

BarumGeneral-Tire Maxxis

Budget tyre brands

Our range of budget tyre brands is very diverse. Click on the logo for more information about the brand.

Gripmax Hifly Petlas

Truck tyre brands

You can also contact us for truck tyres. Certainly regarding the import duties on truck tyres from China, it is important to rely on an European player. That is possible with Riken, produced by Michelin. Click on the logo below for more information.


Premium tyre brands

Are you looking for premium tyre brands? These are also part of our range. Click on a logo for more information.

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