Exclusive brands

Reedijk Banden Import B.V. has been importing the originally Taiwanese tyre brand Maxxis for over twenty years. R.B.I. is the exclusive distributor of Maxxis in the Benelux. Maxxis International Co., Ltd. has developed an excellent reputation and brand familiarity across the globe and is the tenth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Maxxis produces tyres with an excellent price/quality ratio, an extensive size range in many sectors in summer, winter and all season.

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R.B.I. has been the Dutch importer of Barum tyres for many years. Each year about 13 million Barum tyres are produced in European factories and R.B.I. supplies these tyres in a wide range of sizes for private cars (UHP), SUVs, 4x4s and trucks.

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As importer for the Netherlands, R.B.I. has been providing this exclusive tyre brand for many years. General Tire originally came from the United States but is now principally produced in Europe and is primarily known for its top quality 4×4 and SUV tyres. These tyres are produced in a well known A-brand factory.

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