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Reedijk Banden Import B.V. (R.B.I.) has over 44 years of experience in the international and national tyre distribution. R.B.I. is a wholesaler/importer/distributor of car and truck tyres and a toal supplier of premium, quality and budget brands.

Premises of R.B.I. are located in Strijen, Houten, Hengelo and Venlo.

Our partnership is located at the Industriestraat 11, in Strijen, which can be reached written, via Postbus 5724, 3290 AA, Strijen (The Netherlands). You can reach us by phone via +31 786748000.

In addition to this general privacy statement, R.B.I. has the following specific privacy statements:

  • Privacy statement for employees
  • Cookie statement

Purposes For which personal data is processed

As we operate in a business-to-business market situation, the processing of personal data serves no purpose in itself for the conduct of our business.

We endeavour to register and process the least possible amount of personal data. In our view, the processing of a quantity of personal data is necessary to enable agreements to be carried out and/or is justified based on permission provided by data subjects for the following purposes:

  • Keeping clients informed with news about products, range, current prices and promotions.
  • Registering purchase and sales orders, including delivery address information.
  • Maintaining contact with suppliers and clients for the delivery of ordered goods and services, and the financial processing of orders.
  • Providing information to prospective clients who have shown interest in products and services that we offer.

R.B.I. does not use processed personal data as such for any form of profiling and such data does not result in any automated decision-making.

Exchange of data

Based on statutory regulations, R.B.I. may be obliged to share personal data with duly authorised parties.

In addition, relevant personal data is shared with suppliers insofar as necessary for the provision of goods and services. By means of written agreements, we ensure that shared personal data is treated with appropriate confidentiality and that appropriate security measures are taken. If a supplier acts as a processor, R.B.I. will conclude a processor agreement with that supplier. The processor agreement will include a stipulation that the processor may not use the data for their own purposes and must take appropriate security measures in respect of the personal data being processed.

In principle, personal data will not be passed on to parties located outside the European Economic Area or to international organisations.

Information about data processing

In principle, R.B.I. informs data subjects if their data starts being processed.

Security of personal data

R.B.I. ensures that appropriate security is applied to the personal data in its possession in accordance with applicable statutory requirements and guidelines. The effectiveness of the security measures taken is periodically tested by an external party.

Retention period for personal data

R.B.I. does not retains personal data that it processes for any longer than is necessary for the purpose of the data processing or than is required to meet statutory archiving periods.

Your privacy rights

Based on the applicable privacy legislation, you have

  • The right to data portability. The right to transfer personal data.
  • The right to erasure. The right to be ‘forgotten’.
  • Right of access. This is a person’s right to access his or her personal data that is processed by you.
  • Right to rectification and supplementation. The right to change the personal data that you process.
  • The right to restriction of processing: The right to have less data processed.
  • The right with respect to automated decision-making and profiling. That is: The right to human intervention in decisions.
  • The right to object to the data processing.

If you wish to know which of your personal data R.B.I. processes, you can make a written access request. R.B.I. will deal with your request within 1 month.

What if, as a result of your access request, it appears that your data is incorrect, incomplete or not relevant? Then you can request that your data be changed, erased or supplemented.

To deal with these requests, the person requesting may be asked to prove his or her identity.

You can direct written requests for exercising your privacy rights to:

Reedijk Banden Import B.V.
For the attention of: Contactpersoon Privacyrechten
Postbus 5724
3290 AA Strijen
Or by email to:


Complaints in relation to observance of your privacy rights by R.B.I. can be notified to the person(s) involved in compliance with the privacy regulations via You can also approach the relevant regulator: Dutch Data Protection Authority in The Hague, Netherlands.


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