Technical information

Various legislations apply in the field of tyres and wheels. Below we have collected information on a number of important subjects:

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Legislation on winter tyres and snow chains

All the rules about winter tyres and snow chains

Even as winter approaches, you can find the tyre you need at Reedijk Banden Import B.V. We not only offer winter tyres in a wide selection for cars, vans, SUV/4×4 and in (Ultra) High Performance, but also the necessary information about winter tyres. Would you like to know everything about the legislation for winter tyres and snow chains? Then take a look at this page.

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Tyre and environment

Reedijk Banden Import B.V. helps with the collection and recycling of used car tyres

In the Netherlands it is compulsory to contribute to the costs of collecting and recycling old tyres when purchasing new car tyres from abroad. Manufacturers and importers of car tyres are required to pay waste management contributions to the Band en Milieu (BEM)-organisation. RBI cooperates with RecyBEM in this respect and in this way we contribute to the recycling of car tyres.  Read more here.

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Tyre label

All about the tyre label

As of 01/05/2021, the European tyre label has changed significantly on the basis of updated, stricter European regulations (Regulation (EU) 2020/740). This new European tyre label applies to passenger car tyres (C1), light truck tyres (C2) and heavy truck tyres (C3). The aim of this labelling is to increase the economic and environmental efficiency of road transport by promoting safe, energy-efficient and low-noise tyres. Want to know more about this label? Then click further.

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Aging of car tyres & DOT code

How can you tell how old a tyre is and what can be said about its lifespan?

Tyres don’t last forever. They wear out due to different conditions. The age of a tire is also important here. This can be read from the DOT code. More information can be found by clicking on the button below.

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Legal tread depth

All the rules regarding the tread depth of your tyre

The tread depth of your tyre is very important. For example, a minimum legal tread depth has been established and we give you a number of tips. Read on!

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Speed symbol and load index

Read all about the speed symbols and load index of tyres

The speed symbols and load index are different for each type of car. It is important that your tyres match your car. We will explain this by means of an example.

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Tyre maintenance

It is important to maintain your tyres properly

We recommend that you thoroughly inspect your tyres on a regular basis. Check the tread and cheek for signs of irregular wear or damage. How do you recognise irregular wear or damage? Read on quickly.

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What does it say on the side of a tyre

The tyre sidewall gives you a lot of information about the tyre

By means of an example, we will explain what information you can read from a car tyre.

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Functioning of the winter pattern

The usefulness of a winter tyre

In the Netherlands you never know when the real winter starts. That’s why we advise you to fit your winter tyres under your car on time.

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POR tyres

What are Professional Off-Road (POR) tyres?

POR tyres are specially designed to provide exceptional adhesion performance in poor conditions and on all terrains.

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Run on Flat Tyres

What are Run on Flat or Runflat tyres?

Running with a flat tyre without any problems? That is possible with Run or Flat tyres. You can read exactly how this works by clicking on the button below!

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