Legal tread depth

Profile depth

If the tyre tread is too low, the tyre loses contact with the road. If there is a lot of rain, your tyres will no longer be able to disperse the water on the road properly, your car will start to slide and become ungovernable. This is a life-threatening situation.

You can check tread depth yourself

On the sidewall of the tyre is a so-called TWI marking (Tread Wear Indicator). Tread depth gauges are located in the main grooves of the tyre approximately at the level of this marking. These markings are shown in the image below. Are your tyres worn to the height of these tread depth gauges? Then you urgently need new tyres!


How do you prevent aquaplaning?

Tip 1: check your tread depth

The most important thing is to ensure that your tyres have sufficient tread depth. If in doubt, have this checked by your tyre specialist.

Tip 2: check your tyre pressure

If your tyres are under inflated, road holding will be reduced and you will have a longer braking distance. Therefore, check your tyre pressure at least every two months.

Tip 3: adjust your speed and keep more distance

Car skidding is often caused by the driver going too fast. Stay alert to changing weather conditions. Adjust your speed and keep more distance from your predecessor.

What is the legal minimum tread depth?

The legal minimum tread depth in the Netherlands is 1.6 mm for summer and winter tyres. For road safety reasons, VACO recommends replacing summer tyres at 2 mm. A minimum tread depth of 4 mm is recommended for most winter tyres.

Regularly do a tyre check yourself

In addition to the profile depth, there are a number of other things you can regularly check yourself. Think about the tyre pressure and damage to your tyres. Therefore, walk around your car regularly and take a good look at your tyres. This way you will be safer on the road.


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