POR (Professional Off-Road) tyres do not fall within the scope of the EU tyre label Regulation 1222/2009 and are confirmed in UN Regulation 117.

The EU Tyre Labelling Directive (Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009) states that POR tyres do not fall within the scope of Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009 on tyre labelling. The reason for this is that POR tyres are specifically designed to achieve exceptional adhesion performance under poor conditions and in all areas, which prevents them from meeting legal thresholds and significant grading levels.

UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNEVE) Regulation No 117 – Uniform provisions concerning the approval of tyres with regard to rolling sound emissions and/or wet grip and/or rolling resistance [2016/1350] – states that POR tyres are excluded from EU Tyre Label Regulation 1222/2009.

In Germany, POR tyres are exempted from the 3PMSF requirements laid down in UN Regulation No 117.

The German winter tyre legislation StV22/7341.1/40-00 No 157 states in the explanatory notes to the technical requirements for winter tyres for special vehicles that POR tyres are exempted from the 3PMSF requirements. It states the following:

Certain vehicles (e.g. mobile cranes, off-road vehicles) require special tyres for which no corresponding approval for winter tyres can be granted under UN Regulation No 117, either because these tyres do not fall within the scope of UN Regulation No 117 due to their characteristics (e.g. size, intended use) or because there are currently no testing possibilities due to tyre size (e.g. tyres for heavy mobile cranes). This mainly concerns tyres designated POR (professional off-road) and MPT (Multi Purpos Tire). Therefore, a corresponding exemption from the obligation to use winter tyres in certain situations has already been formulated in the fifty-second Road Traffic Regulation in 2 paragraph 3a sentence 2 number 6 StVO for the vehicles concerned, for which no corresponding tyres with the required Alpine marking are available.


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