Speed symbol and load index

In order to give you the best possible explanation of the meaning of the speed symbols and the load index, we have described this using the example below.

Behind the size designation on the tyre is a number and a letter. For example: 205/55 R16 91 H

91 = Load index
You can read how much weight a tyre can carry in the load index/carrying capacity table below. The load capacity is indicated in kilograms.

In this example: load index 91 corresponds to a load capacity of 615 kilograms. The four tyres of a car must have at least enough load capacity to carry the weight of a maximum loaded car.

Please note: the load capacity of a tyre is only valid at the correct tyre pressure. Tyres that are too soft can carry less weight.

H = Speed symbol
The speed symbol refers to the maximum speed of a tyre. The image below shows a clear overview of all speed symbols.

An example: a tyre with speed symbol H is designed for speeds up to 210 km/h. Even if, for example, you never drive faster than 130 km/h, it is important that you drive on tyres with the correct speed symbol. To illustrate: a car type with a higher top speed has more engine power, thus accelerates faster and has a more powerful braking system. A tyre with the correct speed symbol is specially designed for this purpose.

Please note: the tyre pressure affects the speed that a tyre can safely reach.


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