Tyre and environment

RBI and RecyBEM

Reedijk Banden Import B.V. complies with the statutory obligation under the Car tyre management decision and pays for the collection and recycling of used car tyres.

In the Netherlands it is compulsory to contribute to the costs of collecting and recycling old tyres when purchasing new car tyres from abroad. Manufacturers and importers of car tyres are required to pay waste management contribution to the Band en Milieu (BEM)-organisatie. In 2004 the BEM organisation set up RecyBEM to implement the collection and recycling obligation laid down in the Besluit beheer autobanden (Bba). On behalf of the tyre suppliers that are united in the Vereniging Band en Milieu, RecyBEM organises the collection and recycling of used car tyres from the replacement market in the Netherlands. For every new tyre that is put on the Dutch market, we collect an old tyre in order to close the chain. We process the used car tyres in an environmentally responsible way. This prevents old tyres from lying around in the environment, fewer primary raw materials need to be extracted from nature and CO₂ emissions are avoided. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has declared the RecyBEM system generally binding (AVV in Dutch). The AVV ensures that all producers and importers are obliged to contribute to the costs of collecting and recycling car tyres.


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