Tyre maintenance

What is important to check?

It is important to inspect your tyres thoroughly. Check the tread and sidewalls for signs of irregular wear or damage. Below you can see what to look for when checking your tyres and possible causes of damage.

Abnormal tread wear

The tread may show flat surfaces or parts may wear out more quickly. Deformed blocks in the tread or cracks may also be visible. This type of wear is usually caused by problems with the brakes, suspension, alignment, a poorly balanced wheel or improper use of the tyre.

Sidewall damage

Damage to the sidewall usually occurs on contact with an object, for example a piece of metal or a kerb. Cuts and cracks are usually caused by sharp objects or by pressure concentrated on a small surface. Bumps and cavities are caused by impact or prolonged exposure to friction.

Damage to the bead

The bead may be damaged if the tyre is not carefully fitted to the rim or if the rim flange is not suitable for the tyre. Bead scrapes may be caused by a dirty or unsuitable rim flange or may be the result of overloading or under-inflation. A dent in or deformation of the bead will occur if the tyre has not been stored correctly or if excessive pressure has been applied to the bead during fitment.


Separation can be recognised by a bulge on the shoulder or the tread, or if a spot of wear is visible above the part where separation took place. A worn groove along the shoulder can also indicate separation. The main cause of separation is abnormal heat build-up in the tire due to speeding, overloading or under-inflation. It can also be caused by water or dirt entering the tyre carcass through a cut.

Flat tyres and improper use

A flat tyre is usually caused by objects on the road. If there are no sharp objects sticking out of the tyre and no cuts visible, check the inside of the tyre for damage. Incorrect use or neglect can be recognized by wrinkles on the inside or wear marks on the circumference of the tyre. The tyre pressure may have been too low or the space between the tyre and the wheel cup may have been too small.


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