What are Run on Flat or Runflat tyres?

If a tyre has the Run Flat feature, it means that the tyre has a reinforced sidewall, which can carry the weight of the car for a certain distance if you have a flat tyre. So in the event of a puncture or blowout, you no longer need to change your tyre directly at the side of the road. Moreover, this way you save on a spare wheel or so-called homecoming.

Although a Run Flat tyre can continue to run for up to 80 kilometres, we recommend that you have your run flat tyre repaired or replaced immediately after a warning appears in your display.

Advantages Run Flat Tyres

  • Continue driving for 80 km (with a maximum speed of 80 km/h) after a puncture or blowout
  • No more standing still along the road with a flat tyre
  • No need for a spare wheel, thus saving costs

How do Runflat tyres function?

The reinforced sidewall of Runflat tyres allows you to continue driving for up to 80 kilometres in the event of a puncture, at a speed of up to 80 km/h. The Runflat tyre works in conjunction with a built-in warning system (TPMS) in your car. Is one of your Run Flat tyres flat? Then a warning will appear in your car’s display. Due to the composition of the Run Flat tyres, you will feel little difference between a puncture and a normal tyre.

Can I mount Runflat tyres under my car?

Not all cars can be equiped with Runflat tyres. Run-flat tyres are only suitable for car models with a built-in warning system, also called TPMS. If the tyre gets punctured, a display on the dashboard will show this. A number of BMW, Mercedes and Lexus cars are fitted with Runflat tyres as standard. There are summer tyres, winter tyres as well as all-season tyres with the Runflat feature available.

Hint: Also with Run Flat tyres it is important to regularly check your tyre pressure and tread depth!


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