What information is shown on the sidewall of a tyre?

The sidewall of a tyre contains a lot of information about the construction and characteristics of a tyre. The image below is an example.

  1. Tyre size
    215 = width in mm
    /45  = aspect ratio in %
    R     = radial construction
    17   = heel or rim diameter in inches
    91   = Load index
    V     = Speed index
    XL   = code to indicate that the tyre is stronger than other tyres in the same size. The symbol replaces the indication ‘reinforced’.
  2. Factory or brand name
  3. Pattern or tyre type
  4. Radial tyre
  5. Tubeless version
  6. M+S (Mud and Snow).
    Next to M+S is the snowflake symbol on many tires (but this is not mandatory).
  7. Date of manufacture (41st week 2008)
  8. E-certificate number
  9. Country of origin
  10. DOT (Department of Transport)
  11. DOT-factory code
  12. Regulations for the maximum inflation pressure and the applicable tyre load (valid in the USA)
  13. Indication of the actual number of layers and the material used for them
  14. TWI (Tread Wear Indicators)
    Indication of the position of the wear indicators.


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